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Our History tells a story about the shaping of Orange County.
In the mid 1930's, most of our work was providing electricity to the fish canneries in Newport Beach, developing the new technology to form an Industry that brought revenue to the small beach city.

During the war years of the 40's, we were hired to wire boats to meet the increasing demand for water transport. In the early 60's, as the population increased and land values rose, we relocated our expanding business to Costa Mesa, where we settled into the wiring of commercial as well as residential developments.

In the early 70's, we relocated to our current home on Standard Avenue located off the 55 Freeway at the Dyer Exit. We warehouse our electrical material to accommodate our growing business. The residential market was beginning to open up and we wired most of Rossmoor Leisure World in Laguna Hills. During the late 70's we were doing a large portion of the Mission Viejo Company's work. That vast experience prepared us for the great building boom of the 80's and helped us to become Orange County's oldest and most established electrical contractor. We have prospered through experience and hard work and have been able to maintain our presence in the industry through the difficult 90's.

Currently we are Orange County's premier electrical contractor. We have worked on thousands of projects throughout Orange and Riverside Counties. Our Labor force is divided into two groups: multi-family and single family. Our multi-family crews handle large apartment projects, auxiliary buildings and site lighting around the complexes. Our single family crews are specialized in handling the "option-oriented" market the building industry is currently undergoing. We have a trained options staff in our office, which handles special option quotes, room options and a multitude of electrical options on a per lot basis.

Through the years, we have wired over 70,000 apartments, condos and houses. We have created and nurtured invaluable friendships and relationships with many of Orange County's premier builders. Combined, we have over 75 years of experience in our field, and we have the knowledge and expertise to lead the Building Industry.

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